Top Video Surveillance Trends for 2016

Top Video Surveillance Trends for 2016

2016 is likely to see the continuation of several long-term trends in the video surveillance market. They include the move from standard-definition (SD) analog equipment to high-definition (HD) CCTV and network equipment, aggressive price competition, further consolidation of the supply base, and the increasing importance of China in the world market.

IHS is forecasting that the world market for video surveillance equipment will grow by over 7% in 2016. However, the total market is made up of many different products, end-user sectors, and geographic regions. Some markets will grow much faster than others. As regards products, the markets for HD CCTV cameras, and boxed appliance recorders will grow rapidly. As regards end-users, investment in city surveillance spending is likely to be fueled by counter-terrorism initiatives. When it comes to consideration of different geographic regions, the role of exchange rates should not be underestimated. Large currency movements in 2015 made business conditions tough in a number of regions, such as Latin America and Russia.

So, what will be the big stories in 2016? HD CCTV, 4k displays, smarter storage, public safety, and the impact of IoT in residential applications are just some of the trends discussed in our sixth annual white paper on trends for the year ahead. The predictions on the following are to provide some guidance on opportunities in the video surveillance industry. We hope you find them useful in planning for 2016:

  • 4K video surveillance – Headway or hype
  • Another boom year for HD CCTV in 2016
  • More storage options for video surveillance
  • The demise of pure server-based analytics
  • New commercial markets for body-worn cameras
  • Heightened concern over public safety
  • Drones: Mobile video surveillance 2.0
  • IoT in video surveillance a mixed bag in 2016