1) Who does the CCTV infrastructure installation in our residential/commercial complex?

City Surveillance Services (CSS) is responsible for entire infrastructure installation once the contract is signed.

2) Who pays for the CCTV Security infrastructure?

CSS will bear the cost of the CCTV infrastructure and CSS will charge the customers a monthly rental on per camera basis. This fee includes complete service, management and AMC during the specified period.

3) Do you have a lock-in period for the contract?

Yes we do have a minimum lock-in period and this period is decided based on each contract.

4) For how many days is the captured video archived?

Locally in your complex within the DVR you would have 30 days of captured video archived. Additionally for the next 60 days the captured video is archived in our cloud for your later viewing and analysis.

5) How do we view the archived captured video?

 A user login will be given for all the administrators or facilitators of the respective complexes within our web portal to view the captured video of any of your camera from anywhere and anytime within the above specified period.